Movement of goods

The manufacturing sector remains an important lifeline through these challenging times.

Essential export industries can still operate as normal. Philippine law clearly states that businesses should be able to transport their goods freely by land, sea, or air – even if the cargo is crossing an area with a community quarantine in place.

Workers in the logistics sector – such as cargo, trucking and port operations – are also permitted to transit across all types of quarantine areas, provided the number of people in the vehicle does not exceed five.  

In the event of cargo inspections, presentation of the cargo manifest or delivery receipt (indicating destination, nature and quality of the goods) will be sufficient. 

If you are having any challenges moving your goods or services due to imposed lockdowns, please let us know. You can talk to a dedicated BOI Investments Specialist today by booking an appointment with us.

We sincerely appreciate the valuable contribution of the manufacturing sector for your untiring and selfless service.

Loans, land acquisition

Payment of interests, penalties, and surcharges of loans used for land acquisition to any government agencies and government-owned and controlled corporations including Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) is waived, and the original principal amount is restructured without interest provided that previous interest payments are settled.

Bayanihan 2 : Support for the transportation industry

The government is providing, via the Bayanihan 2 Act,  assistance including direct cash assistance, fuel subsidy and grants for applicable regulatory fees to critically impacted businesses in the transportation industry. This is targeted at transport and logistics operators who are instrumental to the movement of people and goods. To find out more, book an appointment with a BOI specialist via Facebook page.

Interesting Facts & Figures

Upon issuance of DTI Memorandum Circular 20-06, the BOI accredited manufacturers of essential goods and services, ensuring the unhampered movement of cargo and transit of personnel of critical manufacturing establishments allowed to operate during the quarantine period.

Throughout the quarantine period, the inventory levels of major food commodities (pouched noodles, instant coffee & 3-in-1 mix, powdered milk, canned sardines/tuna, and canned meat) have been stable. As of June 30, 2020, the average inventory of finished goods produced by major food manufacturers of the following food products is maintained: pouched noodles – 1.5 days; instant coffee & 3-in-1 mix – 21 days; powdered milk – 10 days; canned sardines/tuna – 10 days; and canned meat – 9 days. The raw materials inventory levels of these products were also monitored on a weekly basis and enough supply has been recorded.