Roads Leveraging Linkages of Industry and Trade (DTI – DPWH Convergence Program)

Roads Leveraging Linkages of Industry and Trade (DTI – DPWH Convergence Program)

What is ROLL IT?
The DTI – DPWH Convergence Program or better known as the Roads Leveraging Linkages of Industry and Trade or the ROLL IT Program was formalized through a MOA signing on November 29, 2016.

The ROLL IT Program is a working arrangement between the DTI (along with the BOI) and DPWH to jointly undertake the planning, budgeting, advocacy for legislation, identification, evaluation, prioritization, regulation, supervision, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of industry-developing infrastructure projects in priority economic and manufacturing zones in the Philippines. These projects will aid the growth of industry and trade.

The Regional Technical Working Group (RTWG) evaluates the road projects proposed by the priority industries to ensure that they meet the requirements of the criteria. Road project proposals that meet the criteria are then forwarded to the Central Technical Working Group (CTWG) for further validation and final approval. Finally, the DPWH is tasked to implement the approved projects.

During its first-year, the ROLL IT Program has been allocated a budget of Php 12.3 Billion listed under the 2018 NEP with a total of 229 projects and an approximate length of 492 kilometers worth of road projects for FY 2018.

With the increasing budget for national infrastructure, the continuous implementation of the ROLL IT Program in the coming years definitely plays an important role in realizing the Philippines’ Golden Age of Infrastructure.

How to go about the submission of ROLL IT Project Proposals

Phase 1:
Industry stakeholders must identify potential industry road projects, which will greatly benefit both the industry and community. Potential projects which will be prioritized by the DTI are those which will benefit any of the DTI’s Priority List of Industries as mentioned in the ROLLERS Guidelines. The industry stakeholders will then submit the list of identified potential projects to the DTI-DPWH Regional Offices. BOI Sectoral Champions may be given a furnished copy of the proposal to inform and enable them to help in monitoring the road project proposal.

Phase 2:
The Regional Technical Working Groups (RTWG) which is composed of the DTI and DPWH Regional Offices, as supervised by the Regional Directors, will then evaluate, validate, and prioritize the proposed road projects based on industry importance, as determined by the DTI, and technical necessity, as determined by the DPWH. The DTI and DPWH Regional Directors will then submit the prioritized proposed projects which passed the requirements of the ROLL IT criteria or ROLLERS Guidelines to the DTI-DPWH Central Technical Working Group (CTWG).

Phase 3:
The CTWG will then further review, evaluate, and validate the submissions of the RTWGs to ensure compliance with the ROLLERS Guidelines before consolidating all the submissions and drafting the final list in preparation for the finalization of the ROLL IT Program.

Phase 4:
The DTI-DPWH Champions will then review the program and recommend for deliberation and approval the proposed final list of ROLL IT projects to the DTI and DPWH Secretaries.

Phase 5:
The DTI and DPWH Secretaries will then include the approved ROLL IT projects in the annual budget proposal of DPWH for submission to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) for submission and final deliberation of the House Committees.

List of projects under ROLL IT 2018 NEP Budget (linked to DBM Website)

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