The NPC’s two (2) main projects enrolled in the MRP are Capacity Addition/Construction of Power Facilities Project and Transmission Line Expansion/Addition Project. NPC’s accomplishments as of 3rd quarter of 2014 are the following:


Project Location Accomplishment
Capacity Addition / Construction of Power Facilities Batanes- 400 kW;CamSur- 175 kW;

Albay- 900 kW;

Occ. Mindoro- 300 kW;

W. Samar- 150 kW;

S. Leyte- 300 kW;

Palawan- 500 kW;

Zamboanga-100 kW


Palawan- 3 MW;

E. Mindanao- 3MW

83%; The contractor completed the submission of Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) procedures and FAT results of Power Transformers and Diesel Gensets. The Gensets were already delivered and installed on-site.





26.84%; Contractor’s submission of additional Const. Drawings for NPC Approval already completed. Manufacturing/Assembly of Gensets and Power Transformers already completed.

Transmission Line Expansion / Addition In ckt.-kms:Palawan- 5;


Masbate- 119.42;



Occ. Mindoro- 3.81

Palawan: 40%. ROW cases on hearing process;


Masbate: 90%. ROW clearing completed, Lay-out and staking completed, construction on-progress;


Occ. Mindoro: 80%. ROW works completed, construction stage in progress