The DOST has several projects enrolled under the MRP. Its accomplishments as of 3rd quarter of 2014 are the following:


Establishment of the Advance Materials Testing Laboratory (ADMATEL) Phase 2 – Operations

  • Served eighteen (18) new clients
  • Provided trainings and hands-on operation to ADMATEL staff in the preparations of instruments and optical microscopes


Establishment and operation of the Philippine Electronics Products Development Hub  

  • The construction of the building that will house the Hub is 20.43% complete as of June 30, 2014.
  • The official logo was submitted and approved in the 7th TWG Meeting last June 20, 2014.


Philippine Institute of Integrated Circuits

  • Conducted benchmark examinations and develop training modules.
  • Started the immersion program and established the Industry Advisory Board.


Institutionalization and Strengthening of Technology Business Incubation

  • Establishment of the DOST-UP Cebu TBI at the South Reclamation Project (SRP) campus of the University of the Philippines-Cebu (UP Cebu) was approved by DOST-EXECOM


Science and Technology Program for Responsible Mining in Mindanao

  • Assessment of Terrestrial Ecosystems in Selected Mining Environs
  • Assessment of Aquatic Ecosystems in Selected Mining Environs
  • Monitoring, Assessment and Profiling of Artisinal and Small-scale Mining in Key Areas in Mindanao
  • Contamination Pathways and Pollution Management in Mining
  • Rehabilitation of Areas Affected by Mining towards Eco-restoration
  • Development of Alternative Technologies for Small-scale gold mining in CARAGA and South Cotabato
  • Alternative Technology for Processing of Chromite and Laterite Ores: Crude Fe-Ni Cr Alloy Production
  • ICT Support to Responsible Mining
      • Conducted wet season surveys on four (4) key mine sites; identified habitat types and anthropogenic disturbances
      • Conducted assessment of water quality in selected freshwater and marine systems in key mining areas; assessment of macroinvertebrate diversity in selected freshwater systems
      • Collected bulk ore samples for analysis; performed screen/sieve analysis of the ore samples; generated map of ASGM locations, types of extraction and other relevant maps
      • Conducted field sampling and analysis of water, sediments, surface soil and mine tailings; organized small group discussion of the preliminary results to LGUs
      • Assessed companies’ rehabilitation plans; completed soil sample analysis
      • Collected ore samples and evaluate the SSGM process in CARAGA; conducted preliminary and secondary processing of the samples for determining the varying effects of the iodine-iodine concentrations and chloride- hypochlorite concentration
      • Conducted experiments using 6 different types of laterite ores and 3 types of chromite ores; determined the effect of flux additions on the melting temperature and metal recovery
      • Developed modules for the Information System database; generated and delivered thematic maps for different projects; developed webpage for Responsible Mining Mindanao


Food Safety and Quality Programs for MSMEs

  • Development of Dipstick Assay Formats for Detection of Salmonellae in Food and Feeds
  • Development of Plasma Technology for the Sterilization of Food Products, Packaging and Contact Surfaces in Food Processing
      • Extracted genomic DNA of a total of 10 strains of Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria and two strains of Salmonella
      • Development started last June 2014 and will run until May 2015


Strengthening the Testing and Analytical Capabilities of the Regional Laboratories to Support the Competitiveness of Local Industries

  • Conducted survey to eight (8) Regional Testing Laboratories (RTLs) to determine future testing needs; Eight (8) RTLs have established and improved turnaround time of different test parameters; Thirteen (13) out of fourteen (14) RTLs received above 90% Customer Satisfaction Index


Program on the Technological Support for the Upgrading of the Local Cacao and Cocoa Industry

  • Improving the Quality of Solid Cocoa Liquor Including Molded Cocoa Nibs and Developing the Capability of Small Scale Processors in the Manufacture of Intermediate Cocoa Products
  • Microbial Community and Biochemical Profiling for Microbial Augmentation and Development of Quality Indicators for Cacao Fermentation and Processing Project
  • Development and Evaluation of Improved Drying Technologies for Fermented Cacao Beans Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Equipment for the Production of Local Cocoa Products
      • Completed analysis of two (2) batches of dried beans and tablea; prepared draft of the processing guide on based on existing practices; Developed laboratory scale process for bean alkalization; Completed analysis of samples of cocoa powder.
      • Obtained profiles of Yeast and Lactic Acid Bacteria ad Acetic Acid Bacteria; Media to be used for the experiments was determined.
      • Completed field performance evaluation of MCSTD, FBD and moisture meter; competed the quality analysis of dried cacao samples;
      • Completed visits to local processors in Regions 2,9 11, and 12; completed training workshop on solidworks framework


Microbial Colorants and Bioflavorants

  • Completed the revival and purification of Monascus Pupueus, prepared stock and working cultures for upscaling colorant production.


National R&D Program for the Natural Rubber Processing and Rubber Products Manufacturing

  • Upgrading and Accreditation of Laboratories to Include Rubber Analyses in Strategic Areas in Mindanao
  • Optimization and Improvement of Processes in the Production of Technically Specified Rubber and Demonstration of Improved Facilities
  • Enhancing and Increasing Local Content in Rubber for Motorcycle Tire Application
      • Completed benchmarking with the Malaysian Rubber Board Standard Malaysian Rubber Lab
      • Completed benchmarking with the Indonesian Rubber Research Institute
      • Conducted seven (7) lecture sessions for the project team members; Negotiations for the R&D partner for the partner is on-going; preparations for the renovation of rubber characterization laboratory is on-going