Pre-Investment Assistance

The BOI-Counseling and Business Requirements Division (CBRD) helps attract and convince investors that the “Philippines is the Investment Destination of Choice” by providing investment facilitation, counseling and information on How To Do Business in the Philippines.

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Inbound Visit

Handholding visits of individual companies or business delegations from different countries to fully explore investment opportunities and ensure a productive stay in the Philippines. Assistance includes preparation of program/itinerary for the delegation, investment briefing, networking/business matching, site visits and other administrative arrangements.

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Supplier Request

A request for assistance by business entities looking for a locally produce products or equipment. Through our partner, we will provide you the list of locally produce products or equipments.

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Joint Venture

Joint Venture is described as “a business arrangement in which two or more parties agree to pool their resources for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task. This task can be a new project or any other business activity.”

JV Template

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BOIOWN Joint Venture Project

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Direct Linkage with the Investment Ombudsman (IO)

Should the government agency in question is still giving the firm/investor a difficult time in obtaining a permit or a critical document, they can approach the investment ombudsman. It serves as a grievance desk for any or combination of the following: Delays in the delivery of frontline government services, Solicitation, demand or request by a government official or employee in exchange for the issuance of licenses, permits and certificates, the release of shipments and cargoes, as well as arbitrary assessment of fees for the conduct of business, Issuance of licenses, permits and certificates in relation to business, Any other delay or refusal to comply with the referral or directive of the IO team.