We are more than open to accept all kinds of investments from your company.

Strong linkages in the global supply chain make the Philippines an ideal complementary location for export-oriented manufacturing activities, especially in electronics, appliances, bicycles, among others.

We are your ideal gateway within the ASEAN, being strategically located in the region and offering preferential trade arrangements through our bilateral and regional free trade agreements (FTA) to the rest of key Asian countries (Japan, Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand) and through the Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSPs) with the US, EU, Canada, and Russia.

With a huge opportunity to serve 110 million Filipinos and their growing market, Chinese and foreign companies producing basic industrial products that the Philippines imports in large quantities–such as steel and textile–have competitive incentives for establishing their business in the country.

You can be part of developing a dynamic environment where productivity and innovation thrive.

We are seeing growing demand for basic pharmaceutical products and preparations in the country, as well as sustained priority spending on healthcare products and services.

There is also an increased demand for essential medical commodities, such as thermal guns, personal protective equipment (PPEs), drugs, and medicines, especially in this time of the pandemic.  We also have a competent workforce that can be our top drivers in producing and manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients, essential medicines, biologics, and vaccines.

We can partner together to develop a market that can serve the needs of the ASEAN, US, and EU.

The Philippine government gives its full support via legislations that provide incentives for manufacturing these critical products.

Not only is there a growing local and international demand for resins, but there are also various initiatives from our government that could boost the manufacturing side of this industry. If you are involved or interested in the production of petrochemicals, you will find adequate support for your business expansion in the Philippines.

Amid today’s challenging times, we remain committed to accelerating our Build, Build, Build program. We are projected to increase our budget and business efforts further in 2021. We keep you and potential partners in mind as we improve our road networks and infrastructure. We aim to connect more cultures, businesses, and markets within the Philippines and with our foreign trading partners.

Our government has been developing more innovative foreign investment solutions to make doing business with us easier. We resonate with China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” and are one with you as we enhance connectivity within and among partner nations to move toward a brighter future.


Our growing start-up ecosystem, with fintech and e-commerce as our sub-sector strengths, ranks well in terms of value-for-money and affordable talent. With fintech and e-commerce growing ever stronger in the Philippines and Asia, we are poised to develop an advanced tech start-up environment. We are ready with a competent, tech-savvy, and experienced workforce that can help you grow your tech business here with ease.


We are the best sourcing partner in Asia, as our products and services are globally competitive.

We have a strong pool of manpower and excellent capabilities in the creative services sector industries. The country is ranked first in South East Asia in areas of animation, game, film, online sports, and e-learning, including English as a second language (ESL).

In terms of Information Technology (IT) services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), the Philippines remains the top destination and a global leader in voice BPO. We continue to promote other horizontal services like engineering outsourcing and IT services (software development finance and accounting) and other focused solutions like healthcare information management services.

We are blessed with rich and diverse agricultural resources. We offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, high value live marine products, coconut, and other healthy and natural food and beverages. China remains our key partner in this sector, and we are always on the lookout for partners and investors that can also aid us in the production and value-adding activities of the sector, such as agricultural technology, logistics, and marketing.