The Philippines serves as a complementary investment destination for the production of COVID-19 related products.

The Philippines is part of the global value chain, supplying key components of critical products in this time of the pandemic, serving as host country for producing medical products supplies and devices, electronic components, pharmaceutical, bicycles, and IT products.

Investment locations in the Philippines provide a host of sustainable programs designed to enhance your competitiveness and business productivity. Many foreign companies are choosing the Philippines to invest in given our wide range of programs and policies that are designed to enhance business operations and profitability.

We can help your business adapt to the challenges of the pandemic. We are here to help you with sustainable programs designed to enhance your business needs.We are here to provide assistance as you expand or diversify your business and sustain competitiveness.

We can help facilitate the relocation your business in the Philippines with ease. We can assist you as your business moves in the country and adapt to the local business environment. Talk to our dedicated BOI Investments Specialists today by Booking an Appointment with us!

We are working together with you in achieving business growth even in this difficult time.

Bayanihan 2: Opportunities in Philippine telecommunications industry

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), in coordination with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and other government agencies, is expediting the deployment of critical information and communications strategy (ICT) infrastructure including additional cell towers, equipment, software and wireless technologies which allows:

  • Temporary suspension of requirements for securing permits and clearances for the construction of telecommunications and internet infrastructure.
  • Streamlined regulatory processes and procedures for the development and improvement of digital, internet and satellite technology infrastructure.

If your business is engaged in telecommunications or any related industries, book an appointment with one of our specialists via Facebook page to explore business and investment opportunities in this sector.