Inward foreign direct investments (FDIs) and investments in peso-denominated debt instruments issued onshore by private resident firms (not covered by Section 23) as defined under Sections 34 and 35.4 of the Manual of Regulations on FX Transactions (FX Manual) shall be registered directly with the BSP.  Inward remittances of FX funding the FDIs need not be converted to pesos to qualify for BSP registration.

Inward foreign investments in peso-denominated securities issued onshore by the National Government and other public sector entities; Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)-listed equity securities issued by both residents and non-residents; and peso time deposits (with maturities of at least 90 days) shall be registered with the investor’s designated custodian bank on behalf of the BSP (see item 6 for definition of custodian banks). Inward remittances of FX funding portfolio investments need to be converted to pesos.