Tool and Die

Tool and Die The Philippine tool and die industry aims to be a locally-dominant, globally-competitive, and self-sustaining industry. By locally-dominant, the industry hopes for its favorable reception in the Philippine market, i.e., a state where locally produced tool and die products are strongly patronized by the domestic market over imported ones. By being globally competitive, continue reading : Tool and Die


Rubber The Philippine rubber industry aims to propel domestically-produced rubber products to become a key contributor to Philippine economic development by transforming the industry to produce world-class, competitive and high quality rubber products. It seeks to achieve this by (1) upgrade manufacturing skills, (2) adopting technical and market standards, and (3) linking with both the continue reading : Rubber


Paper The Philippine paper industry seeks to attain the capability to serve all major pulp and paper requirements of the country and develop high-value and quality pulp and paper products in the long-term, in a manner that is internationally competitive and environmentally-sustainable. Its goals are: – To improve the country’s wastepaper recovery and recycling rate; continue reading : Paper


Plastics The Philippine plastics industry envisions itself to be a proactively adaptive downstream industry that is able to fully supply the growing and changing demands of the domestic and export market, create employment opportunities with a positive well-informed on the environmental image and perception. Its goals are: o Satisfy the domestic demand and be a continue reading : Plastics


Petrochemicals The Philippine petrochemicals industry aims, In the short- to medium-term, to secure and provide the vital resin requirements of the entire country in a competitive, efficient and timely manner so as to catalyze sustainable and dynamic manufacturing activities fueling growth across all user-industries. In the medium- to long-term, it seeks to harness the tremendous continue reading : Petrochemicals