Registered companies, prospective investors, and industry players are generally satisfied with the performance of the Philippine Board of Investments (BOI), according to the Stakeholders’ Engagement Survey conducted by Novo Trends PH, an independent social research survey company based in the Philippines.

Conducted in the first half of 2015, respondents to the survey include BOI-registered companies; prospective and would-be investors who previously made investment inquiries with the agency; and industry groups, associations and chambers.

Stakeholders very satisfied with BOI performance, social research survey says

The stakeholders’ engagement survey measured the satisfaction of stakeholders in the delivery by BOI of its services.  Specifically, the survey looked into the stakeholders’ level of awareness on the services and facilities available at BOI; and the stakeholders’ level of satisfaction upon their availment of various BOI services.

The BOI received an Excellent Net Satisfaction Rating, representing about 78 percent (or a ratio of eight out of every 10 stakeholders) of the total number of respondents.  “The high level of satisfaction was attributed to the agency’s staff complement wherein three out of four respondents said were knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous,” the Novo Trend PH’s survey results showed.

“Majority of the stakeholders surveyed were also aware of BOI’s functions including investments registration, grant of incentives, and investments supervision and monitoring,” the survey report stated. “One out of three respondents however said they were not aware of the agency’s investment activities such as business matching and outbound/inbound missions,” the survey’s report further said.

The survey report recommended the need to strengthen the agency’s information dissemination activities in a clear, timely and accurate manner to further increase the stakeholders’ awareness of BOI’s various services.

The BOI, the industry development and investments promotion arm of the Department of Trade & Industry, commissioned the services of Novo Trends PH in December 2014 to conduct the survey with the objective of providing the agency an accurate feedback from its stakeholders on the quality of its functions and services.  Information gathered from the survey will form as valuable inputs in the agency’s continuing efforts to be a globally-recognized investments promotion agency by 2020.