DTI continues dialogues with experts, industry stakeholders for roadmap development

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is gathering experts and stakeholders in a series of forums and dialogues as it gears up to craft strategic industry roadmaps in collaboration with the private sector.

“Inputs from all these forums will contribute to the Department’s overall trade and industry programs and plans as we align all our efforts to strengthen our country’s competitiveness and grow our presence in the global market,” Trade and Industry Secretary Gregory L. Domingo said.

“The DTI aims to become a catalyst towards inclusive growth that the Aquino administration has envisioned. These roadmaps will help us set our priorities so we can contribute in the country’s development goals,” Secretary Domingo added.

During the last quarter of 2011, the DTI restructured its key functions aligning policy making, promotions initiatives, and SME development interventions to address development priorities.

Undersecretary for Industry Development and Trade Policy Adrian S. Cristobal Jr. said, “We draw from the expertise and experience of the private sector in developing industry development plans. Roadmaps help industries plan their growth, competitiveness and sustainability and we aim to build a consensus in generating ideas and define the direction for possible roadmap templates.

He added that, “The government acts as a catalyst and enabler as we jointly develop an industry strategy, craft the roadmaps, and execute these with deliberate speed.”

The DTI, through the Board of Investments and Center for Industrial Competitiveness, recently held the first of a series of informal dialogues through the Trade and Industry Development Talks (TID Talks). TID Talks featured economists and industry experts who helped the Department validate policy directions and identify strategic issues critical in developing industry roadmaps.

Experts such as Dr. Bernardo Villegas of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UAP); Dr. Emmanuel de Dios of the University of the Philippines (UP), Guillermo Luz of the National Competitiveness Council (NCC), Dr. Rolando Dy of the UAP, Dr. Norio Usui of the Asian Development Bank, Roberto Batungbakal of the Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI), Gigi Virata of Business Process Outsourcing Association of the Philippines(BPAP), and Soon Hwa of the World Bank were part of the first series of TID Talks.

The next in the series of dialogues will be held this week, this time with key industry leaders during the Industry Development Forum.

Representatives from around 50 industry organizations have been invited to present their papers or studies relative to the industry they represent.

“We have been meeting with business leaders from the Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI), Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), and Joint Foreign Chambers to identify areas of collaboration, and industry advocates have expressed their support to this initiative, as well,” Cristobal added.

In the Philippines, electronics and the IT/BPO industries have crafted their own roadmaps to chart the industry’s direction. The DTI has also reiterated strong support to other industries that have yet to develop their own roadmaps. (END)