Aerospace and Electric Vehicle Industries Present Roadmaps

Aerospace and Electric Vehicle Industries Present Roadmaps


The Aerospace Industries Association of the Philippines (AIAP) and the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) will present their respective industry roadmaps to stakeholders during the 9th Trade and Industry Development (TID) Updates on July 24 at the Board of Investments in Makati.


AIAP will discuss the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry Roadmap with proposed long-term goal of “establishing the country as an aerospace manufacturing hub in ASEAN.” In 2013, the industry’s estimated revenue is approximately US$385 million while 2,200 Filipinos were reportedly employed as it provides support and services to various economic activities including tourism and infrastructure. The Aerospace Manufacturing industry projects that by 2022, it will be able to increase its revenue to US$1,429 million and its direct job generation to 8,300. The industry plans to build international capability and expand markets with government support.


The industry dates back in 1941, when the Philippine Airlines (PAL), then a government corporation, marked its first flight making the Philippines as one of the pioneers in aviation industry in Asia. Since then, the industry grew and expanded into Aerospace Parts Manufacturing in the 1980s. Currently, there are three (3) key players in aerospace manufacturing, which include MOOG Control Corp., B/E Aerospace and Jamco Aerospace, Inc.


Meanwhile, the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) projects Php 4.44 billion domestic electric vehicle sales by 2015, which is about 20 times higher than last year’s Php 214.2 million. The industry intends to create an environment where the use of electric vehicles is highly promoted, encouraged and supported by both the Philippine government and society that would lead to eco-friendly and efficient transportation. To achieve this, the industry roadmap focuses on program development, local market build-up, production capacity enhancement, local and export markets expansion, and full integration of Electric Vehicles in both the local and regional automotive industries. The industry seeks support in the implementation of policies that will attract investments, create a more predictable business environment, establish industry clustering and value chain, enhance competitiveness measures, and integrate resources.


The Aerospace Manufacturing Roadmap will be presented by Mr. Willie Estoque of MOOG Controls Corp while Executive Director Roberto Cruz from EVAP will present the Electric Vehicle Industry Roadmaps. Key Stakeholders will also be invited to participate to further enhance the roadmaps.


TID Updates aims to inform and update the public and stakeholders on the various industry roadmaps identify the gaps in the supply and value chains as well as needed policies to support global competitiveness of the country. To date, 29 roadmaps have been submitted to the BOI. Technical Working Groups (TWG) composed of private and public industry champions have also been convened to facilitate the roadmap implementation. (END)